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6w5 gut fixes from Stackmeup.net Empty 6w5 gut fixes from Stackmeup.net

Post by Siren on Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:09 pm

Posting this since there are several 6w5 here and because MXZCCT asked me to.

6w5 with gut-fix descriptions from Stackemup.net
6w5 with an 8 fix: They have a stronger need to prove their honesty, emotional realness, and lack of ulterior motive than the other 6w5s…As a result, they project their 'grid thinking' onto the world in the form of a "system" (which represents hypocrisy, ulterior motives, fakeness) and then assume the posture of rebel/anarchist/anti-authority/adversary/fringer. If they are lackeys to an "expert," those 'experts' must come from outside of the "grid" for this 6w5 to give their loyalty to in return. Unlike the 1 and 9 fixer, this fix is action-oriented in real life and more in your face. They would rather confront people with questions to put their skepticism/worries to rest rather than try to ponder the whys and hows themself. Their fantastical constructions of a “system” out to screw them over can easily push them into conspiracy-mindedness and seeing ‘cover-ups’ around every corner. Style of speech is best characterized as unfiltered and can tend to fly off the rails of reality into puffery, bluster, and incoherence...it's essentially reactive "word vomit". This 6 is the least intellectual 6 and relies mainly on "vibes"…they tend to be forcefully wrong in their knack for building strawman arguments and seizing on flimsy facts… Loudness/craziness/lashing out and frenzied behavior functions "autistically"...It's a way for them to drown out the noise in their environment and maintain an equilibrium 'safe' from possible changes.
Examples: Che Guevara, Charles Manson, Vladimir Zhironovsky

6w5 with a 9 fix: They have a stronger need to prove their strength and loyalty than the other 6w5s. They tend to jump through hoops for people and take ‘hits’ for the team. They are the "classic 6w5" in enneagram literature "bulldog" or "mascot". Their language sometimes tends towards terseness and carries a pretense for "objectivity"…They can be difficult to understand but not because they say too much, rather that they say too little...they tend to know what to do without having to take direction. A process of deteroriation in their ability to think abstractly can occur more rapidly for this type. If 8 and 1 fixed 6w5s ask “why does x happen,” 9 fixed 6w5s first want reassurance that x is in fact happening and that their eyes are not tricking them. Their thinking tends to favor repetition and memorization…focuses a lot of attention to energy and body language. This type usually has a knack for remembering factual information and long lists and often they put it to use by volunteering themselves for tasks and errands. They often function as 'middlemen' in the distribution of new ideas. They have a “compulsion-to-remind” people of stuff and to constantly try and check in with people to make sure things are all right. They have the most trouble thinking independently and find it easier to just adopt group sentiments…doubts they have about their “sponsors” or “experts” can always be projected onto scapegoats and/or other groups. 9w8 fixers stray more from the mainstream and 9w1 fixers stay more on the beaten path.
Examples: George Bush Sr.

6w5 with a 1 fix: They have a stronger need to prove their independence of mind and intellect than the other 6w5s. These 6w5s always strike others as having a strong five wing. They sometimes have an 'intellectual napolean complex'…the 1 fix amps up their sense of inferiority, literalness and sense of shortcomings for which they are constantly trying to overcompensate for with an intellectual posture of certainty...this 6w5 fix often displays oppositional tendencies that can mimic iconoclasm. But scratch the surface enough and you will find that they are more submissive to the opinions of one or two others and place more weight on questionairres and objective research. Push-pull dynamics are most common with this 6w5. Males with this type sometimes demonstrate a push-pull/love-hate "cutthroat" style with women (especially intellectual women) but also have sneaky ways of trying to ingratiate themselves with people….Language is often academic and terms are often asserted in argument with a pretense of superiority but seem vaguely defined or understood...as if, intellectually: “they know the words but not the music”…This type is noted throughout history for making intellectual contributions. They capture impressions well but often convey a less organic grasp for process/behavior in their thinking. This 6w5 often mistypes as 5w4.
Examples: Christopher Hitchens, Greg Sheridan

source: stackemup.net
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Post by MXZCCT on Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:44 am

"Sixes may unconsciously overvalue the opinions and perceptions of those in a position to influence their fate, while consciously insisting on their independence. They know implicitly it's part of their development to do so, but they may overdo it, 'toughing it out' and convincing themselves the opinions of others aren't important. Their self-doubt is particularly likely to emerge when their intelligence or conceptual ability is questioned by someone in authority. On the other hand, they want to know what people are thinking, because that places the opportunity for action in their own hands instead of leaving them powerless."

Erbse wrote:Fuck that Fe.
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Post by Khys on Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:49 am

are there more?

This is interesting


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Post by madhatter on Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:40 am

Not yet. I've got an account over at stackemup, and I've been checking periodically.


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Post by Trifoilum on Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:47 am

only 3 fixes so far?

Would be interesting to know other fixes. Thanks ! Smile

So far I fit 8 the most; or 1? hmm.
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