Cognitive Styles (Socionics)

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Cognitive Styles (Socionics) Empty Cognitive Styles (Socionics)

Post by DJ Arendee on Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:57 am

This is a socionics article and not MBTI, but its still a good read.

Most of the ISTP's here are probably going to be LSI, SLI, ILE, LII, or ILI.

For example, if I'm an SLE, I would match the Holographic thought style, where I see an object and have to look at it from all angles before I understand it completely. The example was that if you take a cylinder, one conic section looks like a rectangle, while another conic section looks like a circle. Combine all the different angles of perspective and you get a full complete 3d view.
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Cognitive Styles (Socionics) Empty Re: Cognitive Styles (Socionics)

Post by MXZCCT on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:27 pm

I took the extended test.

Your Sociotype: SLI-1Si (ISTp)

Brief Description of the SLI

Using introverted sensing as his base function and extroverted thinking as his creative, the SLI is immersed in his senses and has a strong understanding of both the design and functional aspects of objects. Much like the SEI, the SLI is highly in tune with the effect his surrounding environment can have on his and others' senses. This, coupled with his ability to assess factual information, makes him an ideal candidate for matters of design and function--particularly when the two are intertwined. The SLI is drawn to people and things that increase his pleasurable sensations. The SLI enjoys peaceful interaction and often prefers to either be alone or limit his interaction to the few select individuals that he cares most about. Often he is drawn towards nature and the outdoors. At his best, the SLI is born with a fundamental understanding of the way things operate which allows him to excel in fields from engineering, to architecture, to medicine; at his worst, the SLI has difficulty opening up emotionally and may misinterpret others' intentions as more negative than they truly are. Learn more about the SLI here!

Other Possible Types

LSI (ISTj): 87% as likely as SLI.
SLE (ESTp): 83% as likely as SLI.
LSE (ESTj): 68% as likely as SLI.

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Cognitive Styles (Socionics) Empty Re: Cognitive Styles (Socionics)

Post by updownman on Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:00 am

Took extended test.

Your Sociotype: SLI-0 (ISTp)

Description sounds like me. I love being outside, could never have worked in an office for an extended period of time. Until now, age and injuries have done their thing so mechanical engineering seems like logical direction now. But fuck sitting in a chair all day shuffling papers, likely I'll wind up hands on in a shop. Again in a shop since that is how I started out life, as a mechanic. This time though I will be designing, not fixing.
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Cognitive Styles (Socionics) Empty Re: Cognitive Styles (Socionics)

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