E8 Sx/So problems

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E8 Sx/So problems Empty E8 Sx/So problems

Post by DJ Arendee on Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:11 pm

So I recently read this article:

If this is true, this could be the solution to all of my problems in the workplace.

I very often have people telling me I'm "incredibly judgemental." Often times I don't realize I do it.

At my previous job, I took a several second look at my boss and immediately determined, "ESTJ 3 possible narcissist avoid as much as possible." And I remember the look in her face as I did this, she just had this kinda sour frown. Shortly after that she was incredibly nice to me to the point that I was a little uncomfortable and it seemed artificial.

Sometimes when I'm bored, my face looks like this:

It says that E8 sx/so's have an off-putting energy about them that can upset some people. From what I can tell, the best remedy I have is to remind myself to genuinely love everyone I talk to and judge them when discreetly when they're not looking. I was unaware how obvious it is when I give people the "judging face."

At times I feel like people are coming up to me and bugging me for no reason at all. I once looked at my boss, and he pulled me into a side room and screamed at me for having a "bad attitude".

Eh, just thought I'd share. Anyone ever experience similar issues? Anyone have any thoughts as to difficulties I'm encountering or how to fix them? A girl I've been talking to for the last 6 months or so would often complain that I'm incredibly judgmental when I don't feel like I am.
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E8 Sx/So problems Empty Re: E8 Sx/So problems

Post by Siren on Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:17 pm

Your eyes look pretty in that pic.

I think the variants are incredibly important in completing the Enneagram picture.

I also think you are hypersensitive on how you come across to others because of your history. I wish I could give advice! Maybe, pretend you are talking to us all the time? That's crap advice, but its the best I have at the moment, sorry.
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